We have chosen to combine our two passions:

  • The garden and its vegetables for Gérard,
  • The kitchen and its dishes for Augustine.
The garden provides the main part of what you find on your plate, as an average you may expect 500 gram of fresh vegetables per person per meal.
This is why the menus change with the seasons and the harvests from the garden.

The dish of the day:

Augustine will cook this every day in her well-equipped kitchen. Her recipies are based on the traditional dishes of the Provence, Piémont and Niçoise. These are treated with her personal touch, resulting in balanced and creative dishes much appreciated by gourmets.
Augustine’s cooking is simple but generous and tasty, making full use of the delicacies of the Haute Provence.
Gérard will serve your meals under the vaulted arches of the Bergerie, 
Lunch at 12:30 hrs,
Dinner at 20:00 hrs

On reservation

You will be served a five course meal comprising:
  • A cold starter, e.g. a green salad
  • A hot starter, e.g. fresh pasta,
  • The plat du jour e.g. meat, mountain style, various vegetables and potatoes fried with a touch of garlic.
  • Cheese produced by the Ubaye farmers
  • Augustine’s dessert.
For the children we serve two courses, the plat du jour and Augustine’s dessert.
In case you want to make your own selection, we refer to our menu.
We can also serve group-menus to a minimum of 25 persons.